This house was built in 1777 by a friend familly of Voltaire Etienne Philibert de PREZ who was a General (with a loan of 10'000 livres de Tournois soit 12'800 euro in 2013! or 40,5 kf of pur silver)

1791 Pierre François PLANTAMOUR

14 frimaire an 2 François TESSIER


1822 Jean MARCET

1833 Louis  Frédérique BRUN

1845 Joseph MARTIN

1849 Jacques André MOYNIER

1910 Louis Gabriel GUSTAVE MOYNIER (ICRC!)


1951 Jean Jérôme GINI

1994 Antoine GINI & Jérôme GINI (fondation of SCI La Paisible A &B)

2003 Antoine GINI  (holder of 99,9% of  SCI la Paisible A&B)( two shares hold by a Fiduciary!)


The farm was already there and we do not have any information left. 

(2011 according to the Archelogist Charles Bonnet (the very of the discover of the black pharaons in Soudan): stones on the basement are cut in the 13th century! there are 6 layers of successive re-built!)


Just at the beginning of the century it belongs to a famous family of Geneva Moynier (co foundator of the Red Cross) Peyrot, Bory, Bourrit.

During the second world war it was sized by the German commandatur.

At the liberation and the following days the house was largely destroyed by the FFI!

 and the numerous descendants decided to sell the house to a family friend involved in building activity.

 The house was renovated and modernized and used for 50 years for reception and horses activities.

 Now that house is developed in a "Multimedia Conference Center" and renovated with all modern accommodation and media equipments.

permit delivered the 8th june 2012

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