Schedule of Renovation


Actual Inside capacity:

-         20 persons for dinner

-         35 persons for seminar/meeting

-         88 persons for standing buffet


Outside capacity: (weather related  April to October)

-         Under existing shelter  100-150 persons

-         Under rented tent over 450 persons

Extended accommodations:

 October 2003 

-         Executive accommodation 4 twin bedrooms with own bathroom including SPA and on private salon convertible in a twin bed

June 04

-         second kitchen facility offering up to 50 persons for dinner

-         55 persons for seminar/meeting

-         100 persons for standing buffet

-         max 150 inside catering possibility


-         New renovation offering inside accommodation up to 12 double rooms with SPA (max 24 persons)

-         Outside new shelter for over 500 persons with professional kitchen.

-         Farm pub for 25 persons.


-         Renovation of a second house offering a new independent unit for 4x2 persons (sleeping/seminar/dining)

-         Swimming pool and 2 tennis courts with a buvette.


-         Large renovation of the farm building offering flexible rooms for multimedia presentation for 4x50 or 1x200

-         6 duplex executive suites in the roof of the farm


-         New unit of (sleeping/seminar/dining) for 10x2 persons

       -    New covered and heated Swimming pool

(nb: date are provided without warranty)

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